Samantha (SAM) Taylor
I live in Benfleet with my husband and four dogs, Ron and Reg, who are 12-year-old staff x’s; Callie, a greyhound x; and Mya, a Harrier Hound. They are all rescue.
Ever since I was a little girl, I have wanted to be DR. Dolittle, and I am finally living my dream. I have always loved animals, but dogs are my passion.
I love everything about them, including their wotsit smelling paws.
Growing up, I had dogs, cats and hamsters.
My parents helped to set up the inner-city local farm (it is still there now – called Stepping Stones). There, I had many opportunities to learn about various animals. I loved it, and it still brings back fond and happy memories.
As an adult with my own home, I have rescued numerous retired greyhounds who are gentle and kind but also fast and predatory. This got my mind working on how dogs think.
After getting married, we rescued more greyhounds until Ron and Reg came along. These pairs were very different from the greyhounds, and after they had both been poorly for so long, they finally came to life. This was when dog training was required. Training classes were suitable and gave me a thirst for knowledge; there is always much more to learn.
I completed many training courses and helped friends and family train their dogs along with my local rescue.

.Finally, when the time was right, I took and passed my IMDT dog training assessment and Taylors Training TAILS was born. I haven't looked back.
Getting up each day to work your dream, there is simply no feeling like it in the world. ❤️🐾❤️